Los Torpedos

Lostorpedos is a multigaming group which consist mostly of Finnish players, we’ve had some scandinavian and european people playing with us in the past and we’re always happy to welcome our english-speaking friends to whatever shenanigans we’re up to. We’re playing everything from the top AAA-titles to the greatest indiegames with over 15 years of experience, with the only focus on having fun with the group you’re playing with. Our team is always ready to test out whatever game you need friends in and we’re always taking in more hangarounds. What we look for in new members are capability of working in a team, common sense and mostly the ability to understand our twisted humour. Our Core-group has been switching from 5 guys to 20 and we just recently discovered our name; Los Torpedos, Team SJK. All aboard the failboat!

Check out the menu for our gameservers(We always have some indiegameservers running, if you’re interested in one just hop to our TS channel and ask for it). We’re always playing various games, including (but not limited to) Rust,WoW,Diablo3,BF4,Banished,Fallout(s),Prison Architect,Don’t Starve Together etc etc.. Ranging from every indie game you can think of to the most popular ones! We do not have any schedules since we all have work and some members have rumoured to even have lives(must be a mario-thing or something.. never heard of it) so hop in TS whenever you have the time and the feelin’ to do some gamin’.

We do not tolerate cheaters, not on our team and not in-game. We will remove and denounce you if we find out you’re in our team and you’ve been cheating in multiplayer game while representing our team. We don’t care what you do in singleplayer games but if you go willingly against game rules you’re out. ..And the picture below brings a nice touch to this since we get blamed for cheating pretty regularly :)

You might have seen us with -LT- tags in the past, we usually place ourselves right in the top of scoreboards (unless we’ve been drinking or have a lazy day and just want to have fun)

Lowbie leveling in WoW with Lostorpedos group

LosTorpedos raiding a house in Vanilla Rust (Back in 2014)

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